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This work coincided with a major change in IFC's programming focus, and was designed to let the network's new irreverent, scrappy, and slightly juvenile personality take center stage.

IFC's reach includes a wide selection of indie culture. Music, film, food, sex, gaming, and internet shenanigans are all within IFC's creative domain. Everything—from the channel's logo to promos to show packaging—reflect the "Always On. Slightly Off." sensibility.

A few years later, the network successfully got through puberty, and changed up its everything once again with a really smart,  more stylistically consistent approach, by Gretel.



It seems pretty straightforward, but if you take a closer look at the letterforms, you'll notice there's something a bit off in each of them. Corners are irregularly rounded, straight lines aren't quite perfectly straight, and right angles are ever-so-slightly bent.

IFC Logo

IFC Logo Family


Sometimes it perches safely atop the "I" of IFC, Other times threatens to crush it. Sometimes it lacks any manners at all and overlays the logo like a decal. Likewise, he tagline's box is a bit ill-fitting. 



Everything is "Slightly Off". Logos and text can be placed tastefully within the composition, or they can sit proudly on top of imagery and footage. Typography is big and unfussy. Editing style is direct and unfussy, and tied closely to sound design elements developed by our audio partner, Joel Pickard of Hatfarm.


Network IDs

Distillations of the "Always On. Slightly Off." sensibility.

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IFC Cottage


A lot of time was devoted to creating a library of thematic interstitials that IFC could mix and match with other assets to make promos. The themes were based around the channel's programming genres, including such all-time favorites as comedy, sex, music, food, horror, and action, among others. 

IFC Brain
IFC Meatball


All things Austin, all the time.


IFC Transitions
IFC Vagolith
IFC Logo Bounce
IFC Tagline Over Zoey
IFC Treehugger
IFC Comedy Woodhead
IFC SpiritAwards
IFC Originals

Direction, Design, Research, Writing: Matt Eller, Bill Morrison, Lee Schulz
Edit: Bill Morrison, Matt Eller
Typographic System Design: Matt Eller, Lee Schulz
Motion Design / Animation: Matt Eller, Lee Schulz, Anouck Iyer
Photography: Bill Morrison, Bryan Dalton, Judah Switzer
Audio: Joel Pickard of Hatfarm
Print Direction: Kristina Mueller
Production: Willie Bogue
Prop Wrangler: Bryan Dalton

Client: IFC
Kent Rees, SVP Marketing
Kevin Vitale, VP Creative/Brand Creative Director
Meredith Cooper, Associate Creative Director
Jessica Degler, Executive Producer
Fredric Mullin, Executive Producer