ART21: Art in the 21st Century, Season 8

We supplied direction and production of all on-screen graphics for Season 8 of the series ART21: Art in the Twenty-First Century, which airs on PBS. The series of 4 one-hour episodes groups 16 artists by the cities in which they live—Chicago, Los Angeles, Mexico City, and Vancouver. Each episode has a distinct title sequence and funder credit roll.

Graphic sequences were composed to slot seamlessly into the overall flow of each show. Typography (using art21's legacy font) is consistently applied directly over footage from each locale to supply an overarching structure to the series.

This project was a collaboration with composer Joel Pickard of Hatfarm

A short interview with me is on the ART21 blog.


Motion Theory, Edit, Typography: Matt Eller
Audio: Joel Pickard

Client: Art21
Eve Moros Ortega, Executive Producer
Nick Ravich, Production Manager