Art Institute of Chicago: The Ayala Family Chapel

Created for the Art Institute of Chicago, this informational gallery video contextualizes the Ayala Altarpiece's original location in Spain and its jtourney to Chicago, where it underwent an extensive restoration before being installed in the new permanent exhibition Saints and Heroes: Art of Medieval and Renaissance Europe.

Painted in 1396, the Ayala Altarpiece is impressive for its visual beauty, historical importance, and sheer size. It remained in the family chapel for over five hundred years until financial considerations led to its sale in 1913. Chicago industrialist Charles Deering, an avid collector of Spanish art, bought the artwork and displayed it in his mansion in Sitges, Spain. Shortly thereafter, Deering died and his daughters donated the altarpiece and many additional artworks to the Art Institute in 1928. 

*This video hasn't been released to the general public, but can be shown to interested parties. Please contact us for access. 




Director: Truen Pence
Director of Photography: Greg Schmitt
Producer: Beda Calhoun
Editor: Matt Eller
Music: Joel Pickard
Colorist: Lightpress
Hymn: Ave Maris Stella - Anonymous Four

Client: Instrument