One City/Many Futures

One City/Many Futures was four night lecture series that offered a panoramic view of the next Portland, featuring a line-up of the people and projects defining the city’s future: top city officials, developers, architects, and community activists. The series was organized by Randy Gragg. 

This title sequence was designed to be played in a continuous loop while people took their seats each night. It served as a preview to the night's speakers as well as a promotion for upcoming lectures.


Creative Direction, Design, Illustration, Animation: Matt Eller
Audio: Joel Pickard 
Lidar image processing: Jackson Voelkel

Client: Randy Gragg

One City Many Futures Title Screens
One City. Many Futures Topics

This project instigated a deep dive into Portland's previous and future development plans & maps, resulting in the creation of a new regional map: 

Portland Development Map

It combines the 1904 Olmsted Plan, the 1912 Bennett Plan, Robert Moses' 1943 Highway Plan, the Central City Plan from 1988, the 2016 Green Loop, and the 2035 Comprehensive Plan, among others:

Portland 1881
Olmsted 1904
Portland Overview
Bennett Plan
PDX 2035