FXX: Every. Simpsons. Ever.

We were one of many firms that helped FXX announce that they're now the home of The Simpsons' complete archive. We developed the typographic and background texture templates that have graced the end of every. Simpsons. promo. ever. The movie above is one of a handful of IDs that we animated. The stills show the system in use by us and other firms.


Direction: Matt Eller, Bill Morrison
Edit, Audio: Bill Morrison
Design, Animation: Matt Eller
Typography, Vibe: Doug Filiak
Animation, Production: Ashley Burke

Client: FX Networks
Stephanie Gibbons, President of Marketing and On-Air Promotions
John Varvi, SVP On-Air Promotions
Ethan Adelman, VP On-Air Promotions
Steve Viola, SVP Broadcast Design
Amie Nguyen, VP Broadcast Design
Dara Barton, Director of Production Broadcast Design