Peter Rock: Spells

20 years ago, writer Peter Rock worked as a security guard at an art museum. While on the job, he entertained himself by making up stories for the photographs, paintings, and objects on display. Spells is a fragmentary novel in response to work of five of his favorite photographers, harkening back to that earlier project. This interactive YouTube video accompanied the photographic exhibition at Blue Sky Gallery in Portland, OR. This is a 45+ minute animation.



Writer: Peter Rock
Direction, Design, Animation: Matt Eller
Images: Sophia Borazanian, Sara Lafluer-Vetter, Peter Earl McCullough, Shaena Mallet, Colleen Plumb
Typographic Compositions: Matt Eller, Jordan Hoagbin
Voice: Jenny Camry
Sound Design, Engineering: John Askew
Oversight and Coordination: Steve Rauner